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- Divine Dining 4-Week Intensive
This group program will be held in-person or online for four weeks and each class will be 90 minutes. You will be taken through the steps on how to make the positive changes in your life! This group coaching is a low-cost way to get the benefits of personalized coaching and the support of others who are also willing to make healthy changes in their lives.
Week 1: Clarity and Focus, Get to Know Your Heart and observe your emotional eating patterns, create Action Plan and the 10 Ways that Divine Dining can change your life!
Week 2: Identify and Release Limiting Beliefs, learn how to make healthier food choices and decisions
Week 3: Dealing with Thoughts, Emotions and Self-Sabotage
Week 4: Bring in More Joy! Learn How to take Inspired Action and celebrate your newfound awareness and healthier life!
Think about how long you've stayed stuck; and how great it will feel to take action and move toward creating that happy and healthy relationship with food!
(Regular investment will be $525 when I open it to the public) 
444.00 USD

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