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Divine Dining Coaching (4 months) - 3 Pay

Mindless, unconscious eating is one of the biggest roadblocks on the road to eating healthfully.

"The Divine Dining Method" Coaching Program provides effective tools to break through this common obstacle.

Working with Coach Catherine through exercises, journal prompts and meditations gently guide you towards eating with grace, gratitude, and mindfulness. "The Divine Dining Method" teaches you how to transform your eating habits with kindness, acceptance and love.

If you've been feeling stuck for too long, running on that hamster wheel and living on auto-pilot; consider working with the creator of The Divine Dining Method.

Through my step-by-step process, we will get to the heart of the matter (usually in just the first few sessions) we'll create a plan to help you to take action and get on the road to creating the life you desire.  This is typically a 4-month process and through it all; you'll have the support and blueprint you need to break through to the life that's waiting for you! 


(Most Popular) This is a 12 week intensive, personalized to your Divine Dining needs to get to the root eating issues  coaching package. 

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