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Living From the Heart- Monthly Group Coaching (quarterly)

Living From the Heart- with Catherine 

You know somethings missing. You’ve been too busy caring for others, you’ve been feeling out of balance, or living on autopilot

You are invited to be a part of the ongoing Community of the Heart, where you will be part of an active group dedicated to living a heart centered life!   You’ll receive support, ideas, techniques, resources and tools to help you live the life you were born to live.

In this Inner Circle, you'll  

==>  You will learn how to stop living on autopilot and start living with passion and purpose

==> You will learn all about self-care, self-compassion, self-forgiveness and self-love (and really enjoy it!)

===> You will be supported in your desire to live to your highest vision for your life

===> You'll join with other seekers who will help connect and share their stories

===> You'll receive discounts on all of our products, retreats, and other services of Living Lotus Coaching


This monthly membership will continue as long as it serves you - you may cancel at any time! 

Join us NOW- Your life is waiting...



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Every 90 days until cancelled starting 04/22/2019 119.00 USD

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